When we sing, we change who we are. When we change who we are, we change the world.

When we sing, we change who we are. When we change who we are, we change the world.


Summer 2022

Hello, MCC Members!
If you participated in or attended our May 7th program, I have a feeling it may have whetted your appetite for more. It was joyful and collaborative, and everyone sounded great even with no rehearsal. So imagine what we can do with rehearsals!

Therefore, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, I'm pleased to share with you that the Board has decided to work towards reopening Midcoast Community Chorus operations and concerts! The Spring sing-a-long reminded us of just how much we are longing to gather together and sing and work on our musical chops, so we want to make that happen. Our goal is to have the infrastructure in place that would allow us to start around October, with the expectation that we would be preparing for a concert sometime in April. Lots of work needs to be done between then and now, but we're starting to put the pieces in place. So we want you to know about it, plan for it, and even help out where you can. I'll try to detail much of that in this communication.


Of course it's important that we have a place to rehearse, and I’m happy to share with everyone that we can once again utilize the sanctuary at First Congregational Church in Camden. It likely means Monday night rehearsals and following the church's guidelines for safe gathering. So with space, we also need some artistic collaboration! The board has appointed a search committee to fill the three open positions that we have as part of our staffing structure. Those are the Artistic Director, the Assistant Artistic Director and the Administrative Assistant. Lucia, Felicia, Charme and I constitute the search committee. We met the other night to work out the outlines of a search plan, and will be moving forward shortly with advertisements for those positions. You'll hear more about this as we get a little further into the search process, but knowing that we would like to be able to begin rehearsals in the early fall, we are eager to move ahead. In regard to that, while we have a communication and outreach plan for the search, if any of you have contacts in the music field who would know of individuals who might fit any of the job descriptions, please let one of us on the search committee know. You can write to us at gro.sgnisccm%40ofni or .moc.liamg%40surohc.mmoc.tsaocdiM Our goal at this point is the broadest possible outreach so our selection reflects the mission of the organization and the best fit with potential candidates.

I am guessing that we will also need a beneficiary committee to propose a recipient of recognition and a monetary award, and also our usual concert organizing groups. Please think about how you'd like to help! We can't do this without you! So mark off Monday nights on your calendars, start warming up your voices in the shower....let us know how you'd like to be involved in planning and preparing....and GET READY TO MAKE MUSIC TOGETHER!




Midcoast Community Chorus (MCC) is a vibrant and dynamic 501c3 non-profit organization providing choral programs for all ages and all voices.
We believe that:

    The voice is the sound of the soul
    All voices deserve to be heard
    Singing together builds community

We welcome everyone ages 13 and up to sing with us or become a member. Children age 15 or younger must be accompanied by a guardian or designated mentor at all times during rehearsals, sectionals and performances. We perform at least two concerts a year in June and January. Our concerts typically sell out and a portion of the proceeds from our June concert are donated to a selected local non-profit organization performing important work in our community.

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