When we sing, we change who we are. When we change who we are, we change the world.

When we sing, we change who we are. When we change who we are, we change the world.




In order to successfully fulfill its mission to sing as a community for the community, Midcoast Community Chorus (MCC) depends on donations, grants, sponsorships, and business underwriters.

How does your donation help?

While our singers pay registration fees for each semester of singing, it barely covers the costs of music, venue rental, accompanists, and other materials. Since MCC’s policy maintains that everyone is welcome to sing with us, we offer partial and full scholarships, as well as flexible payment plans on an as needed basis.
The proceeds from our January concert support our critical operating expenses. Part of the proceeds from our June concert are donated to a selected local non-profit organization that is doing important work in our community. In order to be financially solvent, MCC seeks funds from a variety of sources.

Each and every donation that MCC receives is vitally important to our continued ability to efficiently and carefully carry out our mission in the community. Please consider making a donation, committing to a membership, or providing for MCC in your estate planning.
Local businesses are invited and encouraged to talk to us about ways that they may support MCC’s operations and mission. Many goods and services vital to chorus operations, as well as in-kind donations are always welcome! Please contact us at gro.sgnisccm%40ofni to offer ideas and potentially collaborate with us in achieving our goals.
Midcoast Community Chorus is a 501c3 organization so your donation is tax-deductible.

Examples of how your support helps:

    $50 will pay for the rental of 20 concert seats
    $80 will provide a semester scholarship for one singer
    $100 will rent chorus rehearsal space for one evening
    $250 will support one concert musician
    $500 will qualify the donor for Director’s Circle membership and support special projects

Annual and Special Appeals

Each year in late spring-early summer, MCC circulates a mailed Annual Appeal, asking for tax-deductible charitable gifts to support the organization’s operating budget.
We also make additional requests through our web page, concert programs, and special appeals, including Director’s Circle membership. Payments and donations can be made by using the Donate tab on this website.

Business/Foundation Support

We support MCC because we believe MCC's commitment to sing for justice and peace is a powerful force for changing us as individuals and a society. As a local business, we want the community to know we share this important mission. Kim Gallagher, Continuum Physical Therapy

In order to fulfill its mission to sing as a community for the community, MCC is dependent on memberships, charitable donations, grants sponsorships and business underwriters.

Business Support

MCC welcomes the opportunity to partner with local businesses, through the sponsorship of concerts or programs and the purchase of concert advertising. Special benefit packages can be developed to meet a sponsor's needs. Business support ranges from a small concert ad to concert sponsorships. In particular, Corporate Sponsorships are available at Silver, Gold and Platinum levels for each concert.
If your business is interested in a potential partnership with MCC, please contact MCC at gro.sgnisccm%40ofni to set up an appointment. The Board will be happy to meet with you and explore opportunities!

Foundation Grants

MCC recognizes that Foundation grants are critical for us as a singing entity and to develop outreach initiatives to foster singing communities. Interested grantors are asked to contact MCC at gro.sgnisccm%40ofni to speak with our Board Chairman about foundation grant possibilities.
Midcoast Community Chorus is a 501(c)3 organization; under IRS guidelines your donations are tax deductible.

Director’s Circle

As concert goers we feel the energy of the singers become one with us in the audience. And when 750 of us join in singing "We Shall Overcome," the Strom Auditorium, and the community, is filled with hope. This is why we support MCC as members of the Director’s Circle — to see our world changed for the better.Anonymous

Members of the Director’s Circle (DC) are donors who ensure a strong foundation of annual support to sustain MCC and allow the organization to expand its vision to sing as a community for the community. Membership is extended to individuals who make a donation of at least $500 to MCC. The larger the gift, the greater the opportunities for MCC. All Director’s Circle donations qualify as tax deductible contributions.
Director’s Circle memberships, open to singers and non-singers, run from Fall to Fall. An annual highlight of the Director’s Circle is a special gathering where MCC staff share their musical talents and the Board President provides an update on activities and plans. DC members are encouraged to bring guests and prospective members to this special event. Throughout the year, MCC stays in touch with DC members through special communications; Director’s Circle members also receive advance notice of concert ticket sales.
You can join the Director’s Circle by using the online Donate tab on this website; if you have any questions please reach us at gro.sgnisccm%40ofni and a member of our Board or Development Committee will return your call.