2023 Dream Concert Anywhere

Announcing the 2023 "Dream Concert Anywhere" Concert Raffle!
To help support Midcoast Community Chorus' mission of music and community, we've launched a brand new raffle. The prize: up to $5,000 for two people to travel and see a concert anywhere in the world. Raffle tickets are $25 each with a maximum of 1,000 tickets sold, and we'll announce the winner at our January 21, 2024 concert.
To follow Maine state law, you must buy a ticket in person. Tickets are being sold by a number of members of the chorus, but you can also call 207-706-9693 or send an email to gro.sgnisccm%40ofni and leave a message to make an appointment to buy a ticket at the MCC Office on Bay View Street in Camden.
Official Rules (Approved by the Maine Gaming Commission):1. Midcoast Community Chorus (MCC) is offering a chance for two persons to attend a concert anywhere in the world. 2. The prize is limited to a total maximum expenditure of $5,000.00 for two persons which could include: concert tickets, travel, one overnight accommodation, and a meal. 3. Raffle tickets are $25 each with a maximum of of 1,000 tickets sold.4. MCC will make all the arrangements once the winner gives us at least a 90 day notice of their choice of date, event, and location.5. Winner will be announced at the MCC concert on January 21, 2024 or its inclement weather date.6. The trip must be taken by January 20, 2025. 7. Tickets are available through members, singers, or staff of MCC and will not be sold on-line. The raffle may be advertised online.8. Tickets must only be sold to persons 18 years of age or older.9. Payment for tickets can be accepted in cash, check, or credit card. Buyers can call the MCC office at (207) 706-9693 to purchase tickets using a credit card. 10. Official rules are available here at https://mccsings.org/events/dream-concert-anywhere-raffle
Good luck to all our raffle tickets buyers! Everyone at the MCC sincerely appreciates your support!


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