Director’s Circle

As concert goers we feel the energy of the singers become one with us in the audience. And when 750 of us join in singing "We Shall Overcome," the Strom Auditorium, and the community, is filled with hope. This is why we support MCC as members of the Director’s Circle — to see our world changed for the better.Anonymous

Members of the Director’s Circle (DC) are donors who ensure a strong foundation of annual support to sustain MCC and allow the organization to expand its vision to sing as a community for the community. Membership is extended to individuals who make a donation of at least $500 to MCC. The larger the gift, the greater the opportunities for MCC. All Director’s Circle donations qualify as tax deductible contributions.
Director’s Circle memberships, open to singers and non-singers, run from Fall to Fall. An annual highlight of the Director’s Circle is a special gathering where MCC staff share their musical talents and the Board President provides an update on activities and plans. DC members are encouraged to bring guests and prospective members to this special event. Throughout the year, MCC stays in touch with DC members through special communications; Director’s Circle members also receive advance notice of concert ticket sales.
You can join the Director’s Circle by using the online Donate tab on this website; if you have any questions please reach us at gro.sgnisccm%40ofni and a member of our Board or Development Committee will return your call.